About Us

Our company history combines 20 years of hands on technology app in the world of audio video products, along with an equal measure of design and engineering in the ever increasing convergence of computer tech and audio video systems. We have designed and fabricated, sourced and retailed a full variety of audio video products. We have founded relationships with hundreds of customers, supported them and their systems over the years, and are still bringing the benefits of advancing technology to each one, both now and into the future.

Customer satisfaction is paramount, and the ability of a customer to put their trust in us as their systems specialist, takes a load off the mind when spending money on an audio video system. The best setup for each customer’s individual need is always recommended, nothing more and nothing less.

If I hire someone, I want to know their work ethic and their values. I want to know the quality of the work they do, and the efficiency with which they do it. Our philosophy of doing business is providing the best in what we offer to the customer. We apply this philosophy in our walk, and not just in our talk. This springs from our belief as Christians that the Master set the example that it is better to serve than to be served.  "Business” may be defined as an event comprising two parties engaged in exercising the terms of an agreement. Our business goal is to do so in a way which exhibits cooperation and generosity.