Free Classical Music Overview Released

For years I have heard many of you in the audiophile world express a desire to know more about how to get into classical music. For those of you who would like to understand and enjoy the rich musical treasures contained in the last 300 years of instrumental and orchestral music, here is the tool you need - and it is FREE.  David Wilbanks with At Home Theatre Designs has assembled the Classical Music Overview based on extensive experience with this music, and with it's recordings over the years. Helpful composer information and links to 110 exceptional recorded performances are the main elements.  You will find the Guide interesting, informative, and easy to use.

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Classic Guide Download LinkSince At Home Theatre Designs is a dealer for audiophile grade audio equipment, the recommended recordings in this new Guide represent not only excellent performances, but also some of the best recordings of each musical selection.  We offer you this FREE Guide in hopes it will satisfy the curiosity and longings you may have for enjoying classical music, but we also hope that you will be inspired to call us about an upgrade to your audio system, so that you are able to enjoy this great music at a higher level.

Classical music traditionally uses acoustic instruments of particular groupings and of wide variety.  Strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion each express great sonorities, providing a rich variety of sound even from inside their own grouping.  The harmonics and dynamics of the different instruments of the orchestra offer a varied and delectable audio palette for the listener to savor sonically.

The composers of this music have come from across the world, with many wonderful European, Russian, and American traditions, plus others, included.  These musical composers have been prodigies, musical pioneers and creators, but above all artists, creating musical content with great beauty, intellectual stimulation, passions across a full emotional range, and acoustic sounds which intrigue and captivate the listening ear. 

The classical music artist who plays a particular instrument, adds another rich layer to the music, since the instrument is a tool in the hands of the musical professional with the goal of bringing the structure and emotion of a composer's music to life.  The conductor of the orchestra knows the music he is leading the orchestra to play, and has the goal of recreating the composer's designed intent for the music, as well as creating a new and fresh experience of the music for the listener.

All that this music offers can only be experienced with audio equipment created by artists of another kind.  These artists listen to music and design and manufacture audio equipment which produces the subtleties and emotions of the musical performance.  At Home Theatre Designs/At Home Stereo offers these kinds of audio products, because it's about providing the means to the musical end, that kind of equipment, and no other.